The North Remembers

The North Remembers
How the king ruled the kingdom.
How he killed just for the joy of it.
How he treats the Stark girl
How he killed the Lord of Winterfell.

He is a filthy animal,
A ruthless king,
The day he dies
Would be the day she will be free.
If the Stark girl leaves now
She will be killed.
Though the name Stark
Will be her downfall in the future.
The day she escapes
Would be the day she rests,
When she is done resting,
She will begin her searching.

For a way to go back home,
For any family member that is alive.
For those that are gone
For those that are lost.
For those that want to be found.
For those that are still in the North.

My father always says
“When the snowfall
And the white wind blows,
The lone wolf dies
And the pack survives."

It won’t be easy
Returning back home.
It will be best for our family
Soon winter will come.
And the Stark will have their home back.

The North Remembers.

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