6 Tips to Stay Motivated

There would be time that you just don't want to do anything and just be your phone watching YouTube or on Instagram or Twitter. And you loose all types of motivation you got to get your things don't. No worries I'm going to show you how to stay motivated and complete your task on time.

 Make a To-do list 

Make a list of thing you need to get done like you blog post. Instead of writing down "write 3 post" write in small task what content you going to write about, e.g 10 Places to visit in Vancouver, How to Self-Improve, 8 Thing you can do in Fall. Breaking down your larger task to smaller task can be more easier for you and it won't become to overwhelming.

Try the Pomodora Technique

  1. Determine a task that need to be accomplished.

  2. Set a timer for 30 minutes.

  3. Work on the task until the timer goes off and mark it on a sheet of paper.

  4. Take a short break for 15 minute.

Make thing easy for you 

Make your plan as easy to follow through. If you want 12k follower on Instagram make sure you post good content, to post daily, like and comment on other people post and be more active on social media. this way you'll reach your goal.If you a blogger instead on sitting down to write without a plan, take the time to plan out your content calendar and outline your blog post. That way when you're not in the mood to write, you got everything plan out already.

Remember Why

Sometime we get to distrated from motivation.  We have to remember why we want to do the things that we want to get done. E.g, some kids don't want to go to school, but they remind themselves why they have to go. When some don't.

Step away from the Social Media

Sometimes you have to step away from any distraction. Because that distraction it's keep you away from what you want to accomplish. If you can't resist your phone put it far away from you. And do what you have to do.  

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