Girl Boss | How To Start Your Day Like A Boss

Morning is my favorite part of the day. I'm going to school online full time, so my mornings are for me the time where I accomplish the most things and work on my side hustle.

The way my morning goes usually goes the way I want it to go. It sets the mood for the rest of the day. I make that my mornings are peaceful, cozy, fun and most important, productive.

Why You Need A Morning Routine

Morning give you more time to get things done for you won't have to do it later on. The way I see it you can either start your day in a rush and hurry to do the minimum that you have to do in 45 minutes, and leave to work or school stressed and late or almost late. Always wake up "two hours sooner." Another reason why having a morning routine is so important, is because it allows your manage your emotions and lets you choose to start your days positively. During your morning routine you can choose to do something you really like, and that makes you feel good. I mean, what could be better than starting your day with positivist and motivation? 

Open the blinds and Make your bed 

Making your bed in the morning has been proved to make you feel like you're accomplished something already, even if it's small, and that motivates you to accomplish other things.

Wash your face & brush you teeth

Washing your face with cold water and brushing your teeth is something that will really wake you up. Make you feel ready to start your daily with a more energize feeling.

Make coffee & Write down your to do list 

The first thing I do when I finish washing my face is going to kitchen and make some tea or drink water. Then I sit and start writing down my to do list for the day. Making a do to list is a huge help to your daily life. It helps you to set goal and knowing what to do daily.

Get ready 

Now it's your time to get ready. You know, take a washer, get dress and do your hair maybe do your make up if you are into it. Even if you are not going to where or planning anything. Get ready set the mood to get more productive and accomplish any task that you have to do.

Start checking items off your to do list!

You're now ready to get things done. all you have to do now its get to doing. Put some music on and handle.

Do you have a morning routine? Describe it in the comment.

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