4 Instagrams Account That You Can Look for Inspiration.

Hello, everyone how you doing? So I want to ask you a question. Have you ever went to Instagram looking for inspiration or a new lifestyle or a new dancing way. If yes I have the perfect Instagram that I know you would like.
Gabby is a professional shuffle dancer and a party girl. She loves going to the festival, Coachella and other places. She's a supporter of CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome.) Gabby also has a Youtube channel Gabby J David. Plus check her out in her story.
This is one of my best friends since high school and we still friend now. Her Instagram has this SoHo vibe to it. Now she dances for Beyonce and traveling a lot. Tori doesn’t post much but she does do post a lot on her story.
Kelsey is a Youtuber, She does a makeup tutorial, promote makeup and skin care product. Her Instagram is the same thing but the difference is the theme. Is a nice black and white Instagram theme. She travels to a lot of different places but mostly to Paris and Barcelona, Spain. Kesley is a very fashionable person and she does haul on her Youtube of makeup and clothes. Her Youtuber channel is Kesley Simone
I really like her Instagram because it’s really earthy and green. Plus you can really relate to her and remake her picture. The only thing different about her is that she does Wicca and she teaches people about it. Harmony also has a Youtube channel Harmony Nice where she teaches Wicca, makeup tutorial and does lookbook if you are into earthy style.

If you think I miss some please comment down below to make a part 2.

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