The Best time Management tips for College Student

I spend a good chunk of time trying to come up with a new blog post on my blog, Till I when to Pinterest and Bloglovin’ and I found this idea. I am in my third semester now classes get really hacked it by this time which it alright.
So, I am going to show the benefit of good time management, I’m not going to preach too much I’ll just get right into the some of the steps that I’ve taken.

Be Present

This is important when it comes to time management. You need to be in class to pass your classes. When you’re in class make sure that you’re focusing on class. This especially goes to those of us that bring computer to take notes and those that take classes on online.
I in my case take classes online now. I switch from on campus to off campus because I couldn’t focus enough to pick up with the work and I would miss some of the work because I didn’t go to school as much.  
This hurt me in the long run, because when it came to quizzes or exam time I had a huge knowledge gaps, which mean my studies was less efficient and need it to spend a lot more time teaching myself material that I should learn in class if I payed attention like I should have.

Stop Procrastinating

I know this is hard trust me I am a big procrastinator. We know that we should procrastinate, and that we are going to regret one day but we still do it. If you want to quit that is something that you practice a lot and something that you must commit to be successful.
My best tip to fight procrastination is to schedule your study. If you have work to do make a to do list of all the work that you must get done. Another thing you can do is Pomodora Technique, study for at least 35 minutes and then take a brake for 15 minutes or least. I talk about this in one of post 6 Tips to Stay Motivated. 

Use A Planner

Using a planning should be your number one priorities. If you ever find yourself surprised by a due date or having to cram last minute for an exam that you forgot about, that is because you’re either not using your planner, or you’re not using it correctly. Write down every possible commitment in your planner (even if you’re sure I’ll remember it) and you will never have that awful, gut sinking moment that comes with realizing you missed a due date.
A quick checklist of how to use your planner:
  • ·         Copy the due dates on every syllabus into your planner.
  • ·         Write in your club meeting and other weekly commitments in every week.
  • ·         Write in a reminder one week before each exam.
  • ·         Look at you planner everyday
Stop spreading yourself too thin.

I’m a people person I like please them with anything that someone need helps with. I want to make sure hat everyone is happy and that nobody is facing undue stress, and, in the process, I’ll take the stress for you. While I still want to focus on making people happy, I’m not going to do so at the expenses of my own happiness and sanity. If you’re in the same boat as me, join me in learning how to say no despite how hard it seems.

What are your best tips for time management in college? This is something I’m working at and am by no means perfect at—I want your help. 17acec4b60c6bd546a68f0aeb236256f0ebd34df61e1ae93f9

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