The Little Girl: A Short Story by Nashali Torres

I am being woken up by knocking on my door while still feeling cozy. I look at the time it’s 3am I hear knocking again I really don’t want to get up I want to sleep. I hear the knocking again and in walk my sister clearly not getting the memo.

“I want you to come with me I want to show you something. It’s really important” Iris said. Insisting that I go with her.

I see how serious she is about this but at the same time, something seems very weird.

“Where are we going,” I said

“We going to the park in Crotona,” she says.

“Why do you want to go there exactly” I cringe.

She rolls her blue eyes at me I could see that she is getting annoyed already. But I just need her to tell why we are going over there. Especially at midnight, but then at the same time, she never has woke me up at midnight for anything. Something just doesn’t feel right.

“Please you are the only person that I could trust right now,” she says softly.

I took a minute to think for a second and I look at her face. Her eyes are very sad did someone do something to her. I need to find out what going on I can’t bear to see my little sister like this. I need to know what’s going on.

“Ok, let’s go”

I put my raining boots on and my coats and took my phone that was charging. Dam I only got 20% of charge ugh I’m starting to hate android already. My sister rolls her eye at me and walks to the hallway from my bedroom I go behind her following her path. We go out through the backyard door and run through the street through Claremont St. I see the park from Claremont St its very dark at night you can’t really see anything at night. I see a police car do its rounds around the park.
“Something seems odd here,” I said, I don’t like the park vibe it seems… weird.

“I know,” Iris said, looking straight ahead.

We started walking through the park my sister leading the way. I am so determining to find out what’s this weird vibe in this park is, I just feel so scared. 

“I don’t want to keep on going anymore, I just can’t do it,” I say scared to my bone.

My sister looks at me and just shake her head at me. “God, we are not even there yet, and you’re already scared,” Iris said shaking her head. “C’mon stop being a scary cat.” She starts walking down the park to this huge rock that you must climb to get to the other side. My sister stops at her tracks and turn around and look at me. She looks straight to my eyes and just stays there not moving one inch. I start to get this weird feeling and just look at her.

But then I notice something to her right side of her shoulder on the other side of the rock. Then I look at my sister and notice that she been crying this whole time while staring at me. Iris start to shake her head and shaking it hard and hard and points to the direction of the rock. I start to climb to the other side I just wanted to see if it was what I was thinking. Every step I take the more terrified I get and the more I see, the more I hear my little sister screaming while she cries. I finally get to the top of the rock and there it is a little girl about 11 years old with skin like olive and black hair hanging from a tree. Dead. Lifeless. And naked with stab wound everywhere in her body and her eyes wide open with nothing on them.

I start to cry and cry till my legs got weak and hit the rock as hard as I can. I just can’t believe someone can do that to someone especially to someone who is just starting to live.
I walk closer to the little girl that is still hanging and I look at my sister. She is standing next to me I didn’t notice when she got here but at the same time, I’m so glad that she is here. I look at her while I cry though she has stopped and is looking at the little girl.

I tell her, “We have to put her down she can’t stay like this.”

Iris looks at me with wide eyes and takes a deep breath, “How” she looks back at the girl and looks back at me.

“We are not strong enough we need to tell the police,” she says.

I start crying “But she is still suffering we can’t just leave her there”

I can see in her eyes that she wants to leave already she doesn’t want to get caught by the police.
“It alright, we have to do it fast I climb the tree and cut the rope. You hold her and then we just lay her down, ok” I nod my head and Iris nods her head.   

The tree is not that high, so I was confident that I could climb it “Ok ok.”

I start to climb the tree and I see that it’s a lot hard then it is. When I finally get to where the rope is I grab it and looked down to see if my sister was still there. “Ready,” I said

“Yes,” Iris says looking down

The rope was so thin that you could literary just brake it with your own hang. I check if I still have my knife in my pocket. I take it out and cut the rope, the girl falls on my sister's shoulder, lay her down and closes her eye. I climb down from the tree and look down at the little girl my tears fall down my face. I said a quick prayer for her and took my sister home again. We called the police without saying our name and said the exact location where the little girl is. We decide to not say anything to our parents they don’t need to know what happen that night. This is our secret to keep.

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