4 Signs you're Outgrown your Job

1. You can't remember that last time you felt challenged.

There's a lot to be said for feeling comfortable in a role. It's awesome to feel like you have things mastered and can confidently handle any situation that arises. Your self-absurdness can turn into boredom. Can happen once you worked in that role your whole life. Take some time to think through the last time you have been challenge. You know, like doing some research digging, stepping out of your comfort zone, testing out different ideas that you didn't have the solution to. When was the last time you felt intimidated or uneasy?

If you can't think of anything that because you are so good at your job that you don't feel like you being challenge any more. nobody deserve a position where they two step behind and not getting farther. You deserve a job that pushes you to expand your skill set then resting on your laurels.

2. You never receive construction feedback.

Your boss never has anything but great thing to say about your work. Your performance are stuffed with praise and compliment and you never met with any constructive criticism or feedback about area to improve.You be missing out on valuable opportunities to adjust and grow. That sort of feedback — while sometimes hard to hear — provides information you can use to tweak your approach and become that much better. If you never hear those sorts of comments. It means that you've reach your cap to this position and are out of opportunities to improve and advance.

3. Everyone approaches you for help ( instead of your boss ).

One of your co-worker has a question that she doesn't know. Instead of asking the boss she ask you. Or if a co-worker is stuck with a project, he ask for your help instead of his boss. Or even your own boss when she is too busy she would give you half of her work to get done. Sometime you would feel like you the second boss because you are handling the responsibility of your boss. This say a lot about you and the quality of your work.  You do such a great job that people are comfortable to ask you question. 

4. You're no longer learning.

You can solve any problem or task. You know the ins and outs of your company, your position, and every process. You never need to go to your boss to walk you through how something should work. Yes there is a part that is quiet reassuring. But there is another side that is discouraging. You no longer learning new thing. You feel like you not getting any experience that you can use in the future. When you're no longer expanding your knowledge. It's probably time to explore some other ways that you can reach beyond your those limitation and continue to have some valuable career learning experience.

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