24 hours in Washington D.C

I am going to tell you about the day I went to Washington D.C. It was for an event that Amway was promoting at the time. For the people that are new the business could know the people that successful in this business. People that are Entrepreneur and that run their own business through Amway. We stayed at Marriott Warden Hotel. That hotel it is so beautiful my jaw drop. The rooms were even more jaw dropping I couldn't believe that I was at Washington D.C at the moment. But yeah we got there late so I when straight to sleep.

I didn't know road trips could be so exhausting. On the morning we took a shower and got ready for the event at 12 am. I'm not sure about the time but yeah. The line to the event was so big I couldn't see where the line began. But it was so worth it though the auditorium was pack with people. I was so surprise of how pack it was.

The event was really interesting. The speech they were giving were very inspirational and eye opening. They talk about how you can sale to people, how you get others to join the team, how to become successful with my business and how the system work  and etc. I didn't get to see D.C but at least I travel somewhere new this time lol. 

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