What to pack when traveling?

What are some items to grab for when traveling?

Packing for a trip could be kind of stressful. What's even more stressful is not having the thing you really need or wish you had pack for. To help you guys out I did some research on google and ask some of  my friend what are some unexpected stuff they pack.

  • Old school camera - It better to bring an extra camera then just your phone because it bring a lot of distractions. Like a text or a phone call when all you want it was a quality picture for your memories album book

  •  Extra toothbrush - Just in case someone forgets to bring  theirs or if something happen to your. 

  • Extra med -  If a headache and stomachache happens.

  •  Extra air mattress - An deflated mattress could be useful when there is no bed for you or teammates. 

So there you have it. These are the things that could be very useful for any type of trip. Mostly road trip. Anyways thank you so much for visiting my blog please subscribe to my blog and leave a comment or like if you think this is useful or have any question. Thank you

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