3 Things You Can Put On Your Bucket List for the Summer

1. Take A Road Trip 

There is nothing more relaxing then going on a road trip with your friend or your family or by yourself. You can go every where and explore the world and have fun. There are a lot of places that are good for road trip. For example Las Vegas the city of lights Las Vegas are mostly known for their casino but there are a lot of stuff that you can do. Like strip club, circus, theatrical performance, concert, the casino cruise and even see some celebrities.

2. Have A Bonfire 

What more satisfying then seeing fire burn wood and relaxing or having fun. Yes. A bonfire. Yes. You can do bonfire almost everywhere. In the woods, at a beach party or even at a block party.

3. Camping

Oohh yeeeaahh, camping. Go with your friends or your family and sit by the campfire. There is a lot of stuff that you do while you are camping. You can go camping and play the guitar and sing while your friend sing along. Plus there are all of this activities that you can do with your family and friend like games and sport and become closer. Or just go camping and have a party in the woods till the next day. Or keep on going. 

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